Too Much Free Time

For nine months of the year I am a full time student who works a part time job, volunteers at a middle school, is very involved in Campus Christian Fellowship, has commitments to my housemates, and somehow maintains at least a small social life. A free moment in my schedule is a precious and rare gift. Those small moments of this weird thing called free time are the best during the school year.

But, I am here to tell you something totally unexpected. Free time is starting to drive me CRAZY.

I am a huge fan of summer. It’s such a no stress time of the year filled with sunshine and laughter and travel. I love summer, don’t get me wrong. However, I don’t love the feeling of uselessness and laziness that often comes with summer.

This summer I am working around the same amount of hours as I do in the school year, but without all the other commitments. This is what I am filling my time with.

  • I have watched WAY too much Netflix. Including, but not limited to four seasons of Parenthood, six season of Psych, three season of the IT Crowd, one season of Baby Daddy, and many musicals. I am currently working my way through Parks and Rec and Criminal Minds.
  • I have knitted two whole scarves and am halfway through another one. This is a pretty big accomplishment seeing as I am a really slow knitter.
  • I attempted to rearrange my room only to decide I didn’t like anything I could come up with. This resulted in admitting defeat and putting it back to how it was. I literally spent an entire day doing this.
  • Sleeping until eleven o’clock on my days off.
  • Lots of crazy cleaning projects. This is actually a really productive thing and my housemates loved seeing our laundry room cleaner than it’s been since we moved in!
  • A ridiculous amount of online shopping, even for me.
  • I’ve done a lot of reading though, which is good.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer time. I long for it in the cold winter months. But, I am so ready for school to start again!


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