Everything Happens for a Reason

As my family stood in line at airport security in the SeaTac Airport about to embark on what can only be described as an interesting journey this became our mantra of sorts. As my mom and I were stressing out about the logistics of traveling internationally with six women and a whole lot of luggage, my sister and cousin were having a grand old time without a care in the world.

“Everything happens for a reason,” my cousin yelled trying to get us to calm down. “If we miss our flight we miss our flight.” (She was not singing the same song when we actually did almost miss our flight on the way home.) This declaration got us moved to the front of a new line opening up and straight through security.

We made it to our gate with time to spare. Eleven hours and one layover later we landed in Costa Rica. At the time I stepped off the airplane I could not even begin to imagine what the next eleven days would bring. But, my family embraced all the mishaps and challenges with the mindset of everything happens for a reason. Whether mockingly or being completely serious this phrase kept popping up.

Looking back on this trip I can’t imagine it going any other way than how it did. Trust me, there were lots of mishaps, but it was one adventurous vacation.

So much happened that it is way too hard to compact it into one succinct story, so more stories are definitely coming!


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