Birds Eye View

Costa Rica was not prepared for my family of six to come with a whole lot of luggage. Our first destination was a three hour drive from San Jose, where the airport is, which required us to rent a car. It literally took us three hours to find a car big enough to fit us all with our luggage. And even the car we ended up renting was a tight squeeze. Lack of sleep due to traveling for approximately eleven hours plus the stress of we have NO IDEA how we are getting to our place from the airport and you have a recipe for a few instant meltdowns. But, after what seemed like a miracle game of real life tetris, we got a nice mini van to fit everything. Next step, five hours of driving, which I enjoyed by napping in the back seat.

When we finally arrived in Arenal we were greeted by this amazing view.


This place is absolutely beautiful. And the best part? I got to zip line over it!

If you  knew me well you would know that I like to think I am crazy and adventurous, but I am also kind of a big chicken. The best way to describe this is with an example from my favorite childhood show, The Rugrats. I really wish I was a Tommy, but in my heart I know I am really a Chucky. I get nervous and antsy very easily, even just about normal life things. I attribute this to the fact that I am excellent at thinking of all the possible things that could go wrong in any given situation. Which is why I was about two seconds away from chickening out. But, I knew if I had turned back I would have regretted it so deeply. So, I grabbed onto the pulley, tucked my knees in, and before I knew it I was flying over the rainforest. This was one of the most amazing experiences ever.


Also, somehow we ended up being the only people in this specific tour group. We had a blast joking around with our tour guides. This was seriously one of the best parts of our trip. If you ever find yourself in Costa Rica I highly recommend Sky Adventure Zip Lining. It’s kind of awesome.


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