The Worst Possible Thing to Happen at Work

I am currently sitting in my office at work making up tedious tasks to fill my time. I have made all the phone calls I’ve been putting off. I have made organized stacks of what needs to be done. I reorganized my desk.Every time the phone rings I get so excited to answer it. I cleaned up the office. I’ve gone on three mail runs. I am making up any and all productive things to do. Two and half hours into my six hour shift I’ve already done it all.

Why am I making up work to keep myself occupied? That my friend is an excellent question. Basically the worst thing imaginable has happened. Our computers are down!

Well, not everything on our computers. We can still access internet and anything saved on our individual computers. However, we save all our files on a shared drive. When this shared drive goes down all hope is lost. Eighty percent of my job depends on the databases and files saved onto this drive. And it has been down all week! I have a stack of things I need to get done, but I am getting paid to sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

I love that technology makes life so much easier. I don’t even want to think about how much it would suck to keep track of all my clients by hand. But, it also kind of sucks being so dependent on something that could crash at any moment. I rely so heavily on my database I can’t even remember basic information about some of our clients. Our IT guy is working his butt off to get our shared drive working again, but what if he can’t? We have databases from 2010 saved on that drive. Our sanity as an organization depends on this computer drive. Tensions are high in the office right now.

I just want my computer to work again!


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