Complain Less, Serve More

As I scrub the few dishes I dirtied from my dinner and stare at a full sink of crusty dishes the normal script of thoughts run through my head.

Seriously? Our house is gross. It takes two seconds to wash your dish after you use it. We have been over this a thousand times.

And then a new thought hit me. I should shut the heck up and stop complaining.

My complaining and festering in bitterness is not going to help wash the dishes or unload the dishwasher that has been clean for the last three days. It is not going to wipe up the crumbs I have been boycotting on the counter. My complaining is not going to get me or my house anywhere.

I have to keep reminding myself that I live in a house full of college students. All eight of us are juggling a crazy class schedule, vast amounts of homework. jobs, and most of us do some form of volunteering too. And we try to have at least of sliver of a social life on top of all that (I don’t know how the girls with boyfriends do it). Life gets crazy and sometimes washing your cereal bowl just is not a priority on anyone’s to do list. There has definitely been times when I was the one throwing a dish in the sink because I had approximately 7 seconds to get to the bus stop in order to make it to class on time.

So I came up with a New Years Resolution that I’m actually excited to conquer.

Complain less, Serve More.

Not only will my house look generally better, but it also shows respect towards my housemates. There is nothing better than coming home to cook dinner and realizing the sink is empty. It’s one less thing to worry about on the list of never ceasing to-dos. A nice little, “hey I know you’re busy, let me do that for you,” goes a long way.

In the time that it takes me to post on Facebook reminding my housemates to do their dishes, I could have washed a decent amount of them myself. Instead of sitting on the couch wasting time scrolling through mindless media, why not put my free time to good use. Maybe instead of writing this blog post I should go clean something.

Or I can start tomorrow.


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